Saturday, 19 November 2011

Vintage Denim

Vintage Denim. Is there any other kind?

I have a growing collection of vintage denim pieces, particularly high waisted shorts.
Op shops and eBay are the best places to find these.You'll more than likely find vintage denim as jeans, but with a bit of practice you can cut them into great one-of-a-kind shorts.

Now this last multi coloured denim pair are technically not vintage as it is Bubblegum brand that I bought at City Beach about a month ago. However the amazing fabric is vintage. Really, it is legit vintage fabric. There were only limited amounts made of these shorts in the original vintage fabric!

Bleaching denim is another great way to add a bit of interest. This yellow denim vest was originally a 'dirty' denim jacket. I cut the sleeves off and then soaked the whole thing in a bucket of bleach for a day or so and it came out this amazing peachy colour!

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