Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Home Sweet Home!

As you may know, I recently just moved into a brand new place.

It's not completely set up yet, but for a home decor fan like myself I think it's getting there!

Can't say the same for my room though, I'm still figuring out how to organise my clothes. I have too many!!

For now here is some snaps of the place...
Remember these babies? So cute!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Hey Shorty

I love these shorts!

I found them at the Rocklea Markets for a low $10. Talk about a bargin.
They are so comfortable yet really cool at the same time.

They are short, but not too short and fit really nicely. You know those shorts that get better with wear? These are that kind.

I'm wearing:

Shorts: Rocklea Markets - possibly vintage?
Tee: Sportsgirl
Cuff: Collette
Sandals: Siren 'Bolly'
Bag: Urban Originals
Necklace: So Good jewellery all the way from Thailand thanks to a friend!

And on my toes? Tutti fruity-themed nail polish. I got a bit bored and painted them all different colours!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Tumblr Tales

There are some things that really make me happy in life. Among them are; travel, food and amazing living spaces (I love home decor...).

Below are few favourite snaps of these things from Tumblr...

I think this last photo is my favourite. I mean, can you imagine actually being there? Incredible.
I didn't take any of these photos. They are all from various re-blogs on Tumblr.
Below is a link to my Tumblr if you're interested. I mainly always only re-blog photos though as I really think the people I follow seem to do a much better job at posting amazing pictures than I could do anyway!

My Tumblr:


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Yeah Doggy

I recently saw these Dalmatian print nail stickers on Asos.com and had to try them out. At just over $10 AUD and free postage there was no going wrong. Plus the print is super cool!

These nails look amazing! But unfortunately they're not as easy to put on as other nail stickers that I've tried. These Asos nail stickers also don't really seem to stay flat at the tips and edges.

I'm not completely knocking these puppies as they do look really amazing and scored many compliments through the short time that I've been wearing them. However, next time I think I just need to take more care when putting them on (a good quality nail emery board would help, as I didn't have a good one at the time).

I've found that the best nail stickers are actually by Sally Hansen. The leopard print ones are really cute and they last a long time in comparison.

In saying all of that, that's not to say that I won't be getting these Asos nail stickers again. I mean it is Dalmatian print after all!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Gold Digger

I have lots and lots of silver jewellery. I now also have quite a bit of rose gold jewellery. The only thing I was lacking in was good old regular gold believe it or not! Which was a bit annoying as every time I wanted to wear my gold metal plated Siren Bolly sandals, it was a bit of a struggle to find pieces to go with it.

Until Collette came out with an amazing gold cuff for only $8.95!

I wore this cuff with my new neon striped scarf which was purchased on a recent Sportsgirl haul.

I loove this outfit. It's very casual and comfortable, yet the gold metal pieces add the right touch of edge. Along with my bright scarf and slouchy leather shorts, I feel like I should be holidaying in Europe in this outfit - and who doesn't love that! Especially on a gross and windy day like it was - sorry the photos are a bit out of focus! The wind was a bit fierce.

I'm wearing:

T-shirt: SES ($4.95 - say whaat?)
Leather shorts: Forever New
Scarf: Sportsgirl
Bag: Urban Originals
Gold Cuff: Collette
Sandals: Siren

Saturday, 21 January 2012


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DIY: Make you're own vase set!

Over the weekend I was in some home wares stores when I spied this cute little vase set below.

 However, this vase set was $20!!
Which I thought was a bit too mug for glass bottles and string. So I set about making my own for a fraction of the price.

To make this cute little thing yourself, you will need:

2 x glass bottles - whichever size you would like but I found that Goulburn Valley juice was the best for this

Some string or twine - I found mine at The Reject Shop for $2 for a pack of two


Some sticky residue remover (such as Orange Power) for the juice bottle labels

 What to do:

After you have cleaned the bottles of any labels and label glue, you will need to position the two bottles side by side and begin roping your string around them. This can be done anyway you like really and in anyway that the string will hold. Below is how I did it...


And voilà!
A cute little vase set!
These would also look great with some sand filled about half way with some shells or other flowers.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

You Don't Know Jacques!

I'm loving my new You Don't Know Jacques by OPI nail polish that arrived in the post the other day! I bought it from eBay which is one the best places to get nail polish and beauty products. It was a great buy as it also came with OPI Ink and a beauty case, all for the price of one nail polish. I highly recommend that you check eBay out!

Next from eBay I'm thinking any colour from Sally Hansen Gem Crush and Maybelline Bouncy Blush in Hot Tamale.

Sportsgirl Haul!

As I'm sure you've figured out by now, I love Sportsgirl. But I love they're sales even more.

At one of they're amazing 50% off the marked price sales I picked up a couple of bright scarves and some illuminating bronzer.

I also grabbed a CC Skye-inspired bracelet (at full price, but still only $12.95!), which I had wanted to add to my jewellery collection for a while now.

Have a looksie below at what I got...

Monday, 16 January 2012


Over the weekend I bought some fresh clothes for winter. A little early I know, but the best time to catch them is this time of year when they're really on sale. After seeing my beautiful new winter clothes (of which I will hope to post about soon) I have been so keen for winter to pop around so that I could have a chance to wear these winter warmers. Though I know as soon as winter really comes around I'll be kicking myself for jinxing it and dreaming of a time of flowly summer dresses and the shortest shorts.

It's like I really did jinx it because when I woke up today it was overcast, rainy and cold!
Towards the end of winter last year I scored THE best faux fur winter vest and was only able to wear it once before summer really hit hard. So naturally on the first sign of the nearing winter ahead, I jumped to wear it.

I'm Wearing:

Faux Fur Vest: Evil twin
Sweater: Mooloola
Dress (worn underneath): Imprint
Boots: Urge Leather Boots
Necklace: Sportsgirl
Ring: Sportsgirl
Bag: Urban Originals

Sorry for the blury photos and the gas bottle in the background!
I didn't realise that the camera wasn't quite right.

P.S. Stay tuned - soon there'll be a new background!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Ring Around the Rosey

I love this rose gold belt from Sportsgirl! It really makes any outfit. I grabbed this skirt from my sister to wear with it and they go perfectly together. Also loving my new cheap as chips leather sandals from Sportsgirl ($15!).

I'm wearing:

Belt: Sportsgirl
Tank: Brandy Melville
Skirt: Paper Heart
Shoes: Sportsgirl
Bag: Urban Originals
Rose Gold Cross Necklace: Sportsgirl
Rose Gold Ring: Sportsgirl

Wow I'm loving Sportsgirl today!

Happy Friday!!