Monday, 6 February 2012

It's Here!

A little while ago I was watching one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, DulceCandy87, when she spoke about a brand new blush by Maybelline.

It's called the Dream Bouncy Blush and it really is bouncy!

We don't have it here in Australia yet, so I scoured eBay for it and found one! These are pretty sought after but I did manage to get one in the shade Coral Candy.

It's a bit mousse-y, and doesn't bounce back straight away, but it's still really cool. The Coral Candy shade is quite pigmented, however it doesn't stay put for very long. It does give you a really nice subtle cheek glow though.

I'm keen to try all the shades as they have really nice plums and another coral I have my eye on, however I may just wait until they hit Australia. That's got to be soon, right?

I wanted to take photos of the very first time opening it and testing it out and here they are...

P.S. Excuse the terribly chipped nails. That nail polish just didn't want to stay put!!

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