Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Black Beauty

For someone who loves, and wears, everything black all of the time, its hard to believe that I didn't really have a go to black tote at all! Until now...

I had been eyeing off this seed bag ever since I first saw it in they're new Wintergarden, Brisbane store. But at $250 a pop, I couldn't see it as my own anytime soon.

So when my friend Ashley, (check out her blog Da-shh) arrived back from a trip to Melbourne with the dream bag in tow, I was literally jumping up and down asking where, when, how (much $$)??

You can grab this glorious all-leather-with-pony-hair-pocket shopper at seed for around $150 I believe, however David Jones right now is offering an extra 25% off that price bringing it down to $112! Which is what I scored this baby at.

This bag is so practical!
It's a little on the heavy side though but I think that's just because if I have space in a big bag, I'll always manage to (annoyingly) fill it to the brim!

Soo in love with this bag!!

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