Saturday, 21 January 2012

DIY: Make you're own vase set!

Over the weekend I was in some home wares stores when I spied this cute little vase set below.

 However, this vase set was $20!!
Which I thought was a bit too mug for glass bottles and string. So I set about making my own for a fraction of the price.

To make this cute little thing yourself, you will need:

2 x glass bottles - whichever size you would like but I found that Goulburn Valley juice was the best for this

Some string or twine - I found mine at The Reject Shop for $2 for a pack of two


Some sticky residue remover (such as Orange Power) for the juice bottle labels

 What to do:

After you have cleaned the bottles of any labels and label glue, you will need to position the two bottles side by side and begin roping your string around them. This can be done anyway you like really and in anyway that the string will hold. Below is how I did it...


And voilà!
A cute little vase set!
These would also look great with some sand filled about half way with some shells or other flowers.

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