Thursday, 26 January 2012

Yeah Doggy

I recently saw these Dalmatian print nail stickers on and had to try them out. At just over $10 AUD and free postage there was no going wrong. Plus the print is super cool!

These nails look amazing! But unfortunately they're not as easy to put on as other nail stickers that I've tried. These Asos nail stickers also don't really seem to stay flat at the tips and edges.

I'm not completely knocking these puppies as they do look really amazing and scored many compliments through the short time that I've been wearing them. However, next time I think I just need to take more care when putting them on (a good quality nail emery board would help, as I didn't have a good one at the time).

I've found that the best nail stickers are actually by Sally Hansen. The leopard print ones are really cute and they last a long time in comparison.

In saying all of that, that's not to say that I won't be getting these Asos nail stickers again. I mean it is Dalmatian print after all!

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